Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tim McGraw Vs. Garth Brooks


Tim McGraw Vs. Garth Brooks

You can only have one. Who do you choose between Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks? Who do you believe is better? I think Tim McGraw wins in the long term, but right now Garth Brooks is the best man for the job.

My motto is “may the best man win.” Moreover, May We All McGraw is letting Garth Brooks outshine him these days. You see Garth Brooks is greater in the short term. His Amazon commercials demonstrate his ability to generate massive appeal. Where are the McGraw advertisements, seriously? Maybe, I'm missing the placements.

For what it's worth, Tim McGraw has won one more Grammy than Garth Brooks (3 to 2). However, Brooks has earned 22 Academy of Country Music Awards compared to McGraw's 14. What does this say about the two country music singers? Maybe, McGraw is more mainstream and Brooks is true country.

Both celebrities deserve respect because they are legends. Is this the Luke Bryan Vs. Blake Shelton argument all over again? Luke and Blake are legends in the making. But I believe they would rather be in McGraw's shoes than Brooks' boots.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

It is important to pay tribute to legends while they are still here. These days celebrities are becoming scarce. In 2016, we lost a plethora of legendary entertainers. Let's appreciate who we have and show some respect. In the words of Garth Brooks, we have to appreciate them as “if tomorrow never comes.”

What's wrong with comparing celebrities? Entertainment is about having fun and escaping from harsh realities. Besides, competition makes for better music.

Let's go back to the question at hand. Remember, you can only have one. The answer depends on whether you want your steak rare or well done.

I don't mind waiting for the flower to bloom, so I choose Tim McGraw. McGraw is a sensible choice for a guru, who loves Country. I'll take my time meditating, then I'll listen to Tim sing.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!
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