Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who's Hotter Than Blake Lively?


Who's Hotter Than Blake Lively?

Hollywood has every star you could think of: from music, comedy, tv and of course movies. Being famous is harder than you think though. Entertainers are under enormous pressure to perform and exceed expectations. It's not enough to please fans anymore, you have to please producers and directors too.

Blake Lively is fastly becoming one of my favorite actresses. Can you believe the Age of Adaline actress is only 29 years old? But she has built the body of work of a 40 year old actor. Check out Blake Lively in my piece called 30 Hottest Hollywood Starlets Under 30.

It's only a matter of time before Blake Lively receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Celebrities like Lively walk on the red carpet for a living and receive star treatment. What is more, this celebrity can have anything she wants, all she needs to do is ask for it. You asked for it and that's why you're here.

Lively is in the process of becoming an exceptional A List actress. We're talking about the best in the business here. It wouldn't surprise if she is the highest paid actress pretty soon. She's already one of the hottest.

As you can see Blake Lively stays busy. The Gossip Girl cares about her reputation. Did you know she filmed 121 episodes in 6 seasons of Gossip Girl?

The celebrity is proof that when you play your cards right, nothing can go wrong. Everything goes as plan if you stick to the script and execute. Who's more in demand than Blake Lively right now?

The Shallows made $119 million at the box office. Cafe Society was a critical success. And All I See Is You should do well in theaters.

Moreover, she is a showbiz princess. Blake Lively is a joy to be around. The pleasant actress keeps a smile on her face no matter what. Who's hotter than Blake Lively?

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