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Why Bebe Rexha Is Hot Right Now


Why Bebe Rexha Is Hot Right Now

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Bebe Rexha releases her new album All Your Fault on February 17, 2017. You bet fans are waiting patiently for her upcoming debut. She's already hit the ground running. Soon, she'll be flying high.

Have you heard No Broken Hearts featuring Nicki Minaj? Better yet, have you watched the music video? Bebe Rexha clearly wants to receive viewer's discretion and earn your hard to grab attention.

The young Albanian singer is hot right now for one major reason. She has what it takes. Bebe is being compared to Kylie Jenner by Billboard. Plus, like Kylie kissing her is on everybody's to-do list.

Write Bebe Rexha down on your calendar when planning for entertainment venues this year. Consider adding a date to attend her concerts. I know you can't wait until she goes on tour. She's going to win a Grammy soon; mark my word. She may even win the prestigious Best New Artist Grammy.

You can count on her songs topping the charts. It should come as no surprise that she's climbing because Bebe Rexha has laid the groundwork. The celebrity is following the Seven Steps on How to Be Famous.

I first learned about Bebe Rexha last year. Since then, I've listened to her many singles. I became an instant Rexha fan. I love I Got You. Me, Myself and I is a sensational hit. Plus, Hey Mama makes me want to dance.

She resembles Rita Ora as far as her look and style, but she's distinct enough to make her own way in the music business. I believe Bebe is a strong songwriter. She's on record with Rihanna and has worked for Eminem. Also, she's written songs for Ms. International herself Selena Gomez.

Born in one of the world's biggest cities Brooklyn, New York Bebe Rexha's popularity is soaring right now.

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