Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why John Cena Should Star in More Movies


John Cena
Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

John Cena is arguably the biggest name in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) right now. He picked up where the Rock left off and added a few ingredients. If you smelt what the Rock was cooking, then you know John Cena's secret recipe is classified.

He has built a durable brand which is evolving over time. Without question, the wrestler is an incredible actor. Cena plays a convincing part in the Marine movie. In fact, his portrayal convinced me to buy the DVD. I believe his movie career will take off exponentially this year because Hollywood is finally recognizing his star potential.

Have you seen Daddy's Home? I haven't seen it yet, but I look forward to watching it soon. That way when Daddy's Home 2 comes out, the first one will be fresh in my mind. John Cena has a major role in the movies.

His most recent movie is The Wall produced by Amazon Studios released in May. The film rises to the occasion and tells a vivid war story. Cena portrays a realistic staff sergeant.

The action star embraces discipline and embodies strength. Despite constant pressure, he maintains a consistent work ethic night after night. Moreover, his unbreakable mindset allows him to work out hard on a daily basis. We all know how difficult sticking to a rigid routine can be; and, John Cena sticks to his guns.

It helps that his wife Nikki Bella is also a professional wrestler. She helps him in his efforts to maintain focus and superstar status. What are the odds that both husband and wife do the same thing for a living?

John is just scratching the surface in showbiz. I expect to see him in more blockbusters. It's only a matter of time before producers realize they're getting a steal of a deal signing Cena to a contract.

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