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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who Is the Best James Bond?


Who Is the Best James Bond?

Daniel Craig confirmed that he will return to play James Bond in an upcoming film. At Guru Jay, we recognize the best. Which brings me to my question: Who is the best James Bond? Is Daniel Craig the best to ever play James Bond? I want to know your thoughts. Here are mine.

First of all, I don't believe Daniel Craig is the best. I thought the producers were trying to find a new James Bond. Didn't you think the same thing? What happened? Daniel Craig doesn't compare to Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan. I'm sorry. Now his movies are great but his acting is only good when compared to the legends. I don't think I'm being harsh. Maybe, I am but you want my honest opinion I'll give it to you.

Daniel Craig doesn't have charisma like Connery and Brosnan. There is a reason our grandmas love Sean Connery to a fault. And our mothers couldn't get enough of Brosnan back in the day. I don't want to knock Daniel Craig too much, but it's time for a new James Bond.

I believe the greatest actor to play James Bond is Sean Connery. However, I believe the best James Bond is Pierce Brosnan. Sean Connery is one of the greatest actors of all time, but he's not the essence of James Bond. Pierce Brosnan is the essence of James Bond. When James Bond comes to mind, I think of Piece Brosnan first.

What are your favorite James Bond movies? My favorite James Bond movie is Die Another Day. I enjoyed the Halle Berry iconic bikini beach scene. After you read this blog, I recommend you check out this interesting Wikipedia Page. You'll discover there has been a total of 13 James Bonds.

To conclude, the second best James Bond is Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is probably in the top five but Pierce Bronsan is the best James Bond unequivocally. Let's start the discussion.

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