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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why Sam Hunt Is Phenomenal

Why Sam Hunt Is Phenomenal

Sam Hunt is scheduled to perform at the CMA Fest on Wednesday. Maybe, after reading this blog post you will tune into the event to see him. It all starts tomorrow at 8 pm on ABC. The biggest names will perform from Blake Shelton to Luke Bryan, and Carrie Underwood. I know people who are watching strictly because of Sam Hunt's appearance though. The celebrity is having a great year.

Sam Hunt is down to earth and out of this world. His music is undeniably great. Greatness recognizes greatness. I'm interested in seeing what's next in store for Sam Hunt. The 15 in a 30 Tour is going viral on Instagram and Twitter. Hunt's music doesn't appear to be slowing down; he's going full speed ahead. I look forward to his future albums, singles, and concerts. It would be nice to see him live in concert.

I know Sam Hunt will give a phenomenal performance. The 32 year old singer originates out of Nashville, Tennessee. So, the Country singer will be right at home. He can kick off his boots and make himself comfortable. I expect the Body Like a Back Road singer to throw a few curveballs and sliders here and there. It should be fun time because of a sexy crowd. Country music lovers are some of the best fans in the world. A Country Star is only as good as his fans. What is Sam Hunt without Hunters?

I consider Take Your Time to be a classic. Did you know Take Your Time went Platinum 4 times? Body Like a Back Road went Platinum 3 times already. It's only a matter of time before Sam Hunt wins a Grammys. There's a Grammy with his name on it. What do you think is the best Sam Hunt song?

In a nutshell, Sam Hunt will give a phenomenal performance because he is phenomenal.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!