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Monday, September 11, 2017

What's New? TV Shows


What's New? TV Shows

Do you watch enough TV? Nowadays, it is impossible to watch too much TV. So don't feel guilty about binge-watching. You have so many options. You can literally binge-watch seasons upon seasons of your favorite TV shows.

With Netflix, Amazon, and good old fashioned NBC, you can't go wrong. Oh yeah, don't forget about ABC, HBO, Fox, and Starz. You may get creative and choose Hulu from time to time too. Whatever your preferences, always choose the best in entertainment because life is too short to watch crap.

Luckily, TV is changing for the better. With all these changes, new things popup all the time. People like new stuff. This is natural.You want a new car, don't you?

Fall is right around the corner. And that means new TV shows are upon us. This article provides a list of new TV shows. In total, there are 20. Chime in your comments at the end. Enjoy!

Star Trek: Discovery
The Orville
The Mayor
The Good Doctor
Young Sheldon
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
The Deuce
The Gifted
Me, Myself & I
The Brave
Marvel's Inhumans
L.A. To Vegas
Good Girls

What TV shows are you looking forward to seeing the most? I want to see the Good Doctor and Star Trek: Discovery the most. These two shows will probably receive the highest ratings. I'm also interested in The Orville and Ghosted. Some of these shows I listed won't make it to the second season though.

You know great TV is all about the ratings. That's why you've gotta make your numbers count. The good news is all these TV shows have a good chance at renewal. At the end of the day, all you can ask for is a fighting chance.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!