Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Are You An Imagine Dragons Fan?

Imagine Dragons

Do you love music? What is your favorite song? Who is your favorite musician?

I love music because music comes in all forms. Music can be small, big, and a medium. In Starbucks terminology, it can be Venti. You see music is like coffee.

You can consume music in many ways. In what ways do you listen to music? Maybe, you wear Beats by Dre headphones or earplugs to consume your tastes of expression.

Moreover, music sparks your imagination. I believe your brain activates after gazing at a work of art. Plus, I feel your mind listens to a great audio work of art.

Let’s use our imagination. Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. George R.R. Martin used his imagination to create a language called Valyrian in the Game of Thrones. When you combine Albert Einstein and George R.R. Martin with music, you get Imagine Dragons.

Have you heard of Imagine Dragons? Lately, the Las Vegas rock band has been gaining in popularity. What Game of Thrones is to cable TV, Imagine Dragons is to premium music.

If you have Imagine Dragons on your playlist, consider yourself privileged. Their music is amazing. Their lyrics are transformative.

Furthermore, Imagine Dragons are like the particle physicists of sound. You see these musicians pay attention to every detail while recording music in the studio booth. 

While watching the AMAs on TV, I first came across an Imagine Dragons performance. I’m looking forward to watching more of the band’s performances in the future. The band members connected with the spirit.

Finally, who can deny the creativity of the Imagine Dragons? Like Carlos Santana, the rock band creates creative sounds for a living. Plus, they generate electric music like Calvin Harris.

Are you an Imagine Dragons fan? What is your favorite Imagine Dragons song? Chime in your comments.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!