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10 Must-See Movies of 2018


10 Must-See Movies of 2018

2018 is an exciting year for movies. There are a wide variety of film selections scheduled to be released this year. So, how do you go about managing what to see? I’ve got you covered with the 10 Must-See Movies of 2018.

Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman debuts February 16. Marvel is making an unbelievable adventure by introducing interesting characters to their film franchise. Plus, the whole setting reminds me of Pandora in Avatar. Check out the trailers that reveal Entourage as well as the secrets of Wakanda.

Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander opens March 16. You must see this Swedish actress act at her finest. It’s all about her.

Pacific Rim Uprising debuts March 23. If you’re into technology, robots, action and the future then this is a must-see movie for you. John Boyega takes the lead. Maybe, he’ll win an award.

Avengers: Infinity War is another Marvel Studios production fans are looking forward to seeing. It debuts May 4. Judging by the trailers, there is an exciting twist where Guardians of the Galaxy come into play. The star studded cast has great expectations.

Solo: A Star Wars Story tells a tale about the legendary Star Wars hero. Star Wars fans will definitely see this one- even if they have to go solo. This must-see movie comes out May 25.

Check out Ocean’s 8 coming to theaters near you on June 8. It is a must-see movie for the simple fact it’s an all-female cast. I expect the movie to break records like Ghostbusters.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the most highly anticipated summer movie for sure. People couldn’t get enough of the first one. Chris Pratt has proven why he is a hot commodity alongside Bryce Dallas Howard. You can see this movie for the first time starting on June 22.

Mission Impossible: 6 starring Tom Cruise comes out on July 27. What more could you want from an action movie? You have the ultimate action movie star plus an intriguing storyline and plot.

On November 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives at theaters. Fans can’t wait to enjoy Jennifer Lawrence on the silver screen. Plus, the film franchise always sets the bar high.

Last but not least, Aquaman debuts December 21. It will probably takeover the winter box office news. Comic book lovers should be pleased with Jason Momoa’s take on the character.

So there you have it. These are the 10 must-see movies of 2018. I hope you get to watch some of these. Peace.

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