Sunday, June 24, 2018

Luke Cage Is Back and Better Than Ever


Have you heard? Luke Cage is back and better than ever. Days ago, Netflix released season 2 of the hit Marvel series.

Check out Luke Cage! You won’t regret it. The show is the total package.

It has everything you want from action to romance. The first episode begins with an unforgettable fight scene. Plus, the ever so beautiful Rosario Dawson returns as Luke’s love interest.

I remember when Luke Cage (Mike Colter) had a recurring role on Jessica Jones. Mike was a major reason fans kept watching the TV show. I can’t imagine anybody else playing the lead character but Mike Colter. He made me want to be a bartender for a week.

Luke Cage sets the bar high. If you don’t know, he has super human strength and a bullet-proof body. He is the superhero from New York City everybody loves and loves to hate.

You see the crime fighter has made a few enemies along the way. In season 2, he tackles drug dealers from the start. He must overcome organized crime to get to the end game.

Expect season 2 to be exciting. From what I’ve seen so far, the acting is incredible. And the script is well-written.

Luke Cage goes by many names. One of those names is Power Man. The other is Carl Lucas.

Luke’s father, a preacher man, refuses to call him anything except his government name. His father gives a thrilling speech in the beginning of season 2 episode 1. His father strongly disapproves of Luke Cage’s way of life.

Still, Luke Cage is raising hell up in Harlem. He is kicking ass and taking names. Although he’s a good guy, he must worry about both sides of the law. Harlem’s hero is ready for a challenge. He may have to take on the devil. Watch Luke Cage and come see what all the fuss is about.

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