Saturday, October 6, 2018

Migos Vs. Wu Tang Clan

Migos Vs. Wu Tang Clan

Let’s discuss new school vs. old school. Migos Vs. Wu Tang Clan is an interesting comparison. The Migos belong to the new edition and the Wu Tang Clan are original gangsters.

Both groups have similarly creative names and make unique music. Migos is short for amigos- the Spanish word for friends. And clan means a group of closely knit and interrelated families.

Who doesn’t like listening to Migos? These Hip-Hop artists have been active since 2008, but not until recently has their music topped the charts. Migos, consisting of Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset, are commercially successful and relevant. Their songs have been showcased by Spotify, Apple Music, and more. 

Who remembers their extremely popular iPhone commercial?
Migos are new school with an old school vibe. The Walk It Talk It music video generates good vibrations. Migos are modern-day Beach Boys if the surfer singers could rap.

Wu Tang Clan’s music was commercially successful and stays relevant. Google made the widely popular Shimmy song commercial a couple years ago. Moreover, C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) is Wu Tang Clan’s most famous song because money equates to success and relevancy. Still by no stretch of imagination- are they a one hit wonder.

Without question, Wu Tang Clan have made their mark on music history. Complex has complied a list of Wu Tang Clan’s 100 best songs. The rappers maintain a strong influence on a generation of music artists. Also, the band of brothers illustrate the importance of brotherhood.

Could you imagine a Migos and Wu Tang Clan collaboration? I’ve learned to not rule out anything. Plus, music is the common denominator.

Whoever Migos joins forces with, whether it’s Drake or Pusha-T, the group creates transformative music. Perhaps the difference between Migos and Wu Tang Clan are that Migos is mainstream and Wu Tang Clan is niche.

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