Thursday, January 31, 2019

Why James Franco Is a Cream of the Crop Talent


In 2007, I watched the IMAX version of Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire in theaters. It was one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. I remember identifying with James Franco’s character (Harry Osborn) at the time. Franco was very convincing in his role.

They were going to make Spider-Man 4 but cancelled. What are your thoughts on the new Spider-Man? I haven’t seen the new franchise yet. James Franco is the main reason I like the original.

When I was younger, I watched Freaks & Geeks on TV. I didn’t care if they were reruns. I memorized the theme song “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. This show, much like That 70’s Show, was a hot topic of popular culture by teenagers. Again, James Franco’s character (Daniel Desario) was relatable. James Franco literally stole the show.

I’ve been a James Franco fan for a long time. He is an impressive guy. Did you know he has a PHD? That’s one reason he is believable in Planet of the Apes as Dr. Rodman. I feel he has earned coveted roles because of his education.

James Franco excels at drama, but comedic acting is his forte. I argue that Pineapple Express is his best movie bar none. Maybe, that’s a little strong but you understand. His chemistry with Seth Rogen is unmatched.

Moreover, James Franco is a Saturday Night Live (SNL) legend. He’s hosted the show four times to date, and I’ve watched every minute of his SNL.
Have you seen 127 Hours? The thespian put his heart and soul into the film. Additionally, he has demonstrated his remarkable talent in a variety of other films.

This Hollywood star succeeds because he takes risks. James Franco sticks his neck out and goes the whole nine yards. That’s why he is a cream of the crop talent.

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Gina Rodriguez: From Jane the Virgin to Miss Bala


Gina Rodriguez will star in the upcoming Miss Bala movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the film, and possibly doing a movie review here. Right now, I feel Miss Bala will live up to all the hype. I believe Gina Rodriguez is becoming one of the best Latina actresses in the entertainment industry. Moreover, this article takes a good look at Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin to Miss Bala. Let’s start examining her talented display.

Given Gina’s experience, she will perform above and beyond on the silver screen. The Hollywood actress was one of the hottest starlets under 30. We just didn’t know it at the time. I argue her name is bigger than Lea Michele and Naya Rivera.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Gina Rodriguez is Puerto Rican. The 34-year-old is a role model. Check out Carmen San Diego on Netflix. She voices the lead character.

This past week I binge-watched Jane the Virgin. They give you a lot in one episode. It is a treat watching Gina Rodriguez improve her acting skills. You can see why the celebrity is a bright Hollywood star by just watching her act onscreen as Jane.

Her acting abilities reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez back in the day. Plus, she is pretty like Eva Mendes. Without question, this former TV star makes Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria proud.

Did you know that they are making a spinoff of Jane the Virgin called Jane the Novelas? Also, you should know Miss Bala is a remake. Do they make anything original nowadays? That’s another story.
Anyway, do you remember Zoe Saldana’s breathtaking performance in Colombiana? I feel Gina Rodriguez’s showing could top that because Miss Bala has a similar plot. Time will tell.

Everyone can enjoy Gina Rodiguez’s talented display. She receives high marks on my scorecard. It is a pleasure watching her entertain. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How Awkwafina Became a Brand Name


How Awkwafina Became a Brand Name

How do you describe Awkwafina to your parents? She is not a brand of water, but she is a marketable drink. Due to her graphic content, she is an “adult beverage.” Don’t confuse Awkwafina with Aquafina. You’ll get in trouble if you consume her, and you’re under 18.

All jokes aside, Awkwafina appeals to a wide demographic of consumers. She is a Hollywood star, who can bank on her name. Like 50 Cent, the Asian American rapper turns financial institutions into comedy clubs. Maybe, she is laughing at Wells Fargo right now.

Did you know the celebrity was fired for her viral music video called “My Vag?” She went on Late Night with Seth Meyers and described the ordeal. Although she was fired, this video gave her instant credibility.

In a short span of time, Awkwafina became a brand name in the notorious entertainment business. I believe the celebrity will have longevity in the entertainment industry, because she is diversifying her talents. She’s more than just a rapper. She is a multi-talented entertainer.

Additionally, I feel Awkwafina is a pretty good actress as well. I highly recommend watching Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians. After giving an amazing performance in Ocean’s 8, she gave an even better one in Crazy Rich Asians. The one-of-a-kind entertainer is refining her skills. She has the potential to be a big blockbuster attraction.

No one on the corner has swagger like this beautiful Asian actress. She reminds me of Lucy Liu. I would like to see her replace Lucy Liu’s character in a remake of Kill Bill.

There are infinite possibilities with Awkwafina. Without a doubt, directors love working with her because she is unique. Awkwafina “started from the bottom, now she’s here.” Who wants to see her work with Drake?

She is becoming a favorite New York City celebrity. Awkwafina became a brand name the new school way. There’s nothing old-fashioned about this funny girl. Also, her sense of humor and humility has taken her a long way. I’m excited every time I read about Awkwafina in the news.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Is Liam Neeson a Top 10 Actor?


Is Liam Neeson a Top 10 Actor?

What do you feel are the best Liam Neeson movies? If you had to choose just one, would you choose Taken? Maybe, you would choose The Commuter because the film is more recent. If Keanu Reeves is unstoppable, so too is Liam Neeson. Have you seen Non-Stop?

Non-Stop is easily one of Liam Neeson’s best movies. At any rate, Liam Neeson is still making great movies. Plus, Liam Neeson is a premium actor.

I argue that Liam Neeson is one of the greatest actors of his generation. He’s done enough in his career to be honored for his greatness. Where is his place in Hollywood history? How far atop the totem pole do you rank the movie star all time?

Before we begin ranking movie stars, it is important to understand the ranking system. The ranking system contains opinions. Your opinions are valuable. Additionally, the critics love Liam Neeson. His movies consistently receive high marks and open big at the box office.

Liam Neeson was born in Ireland in 1952. I consider him the Irish Tom Hanks. If he’s starring in a movie, you want to watch it. He has an impressive filmography. As you will soon find out, he is a bankable star like Sandra Bullock.

I predict Cold Pursuit will have a strong opening at the box office. The movie appears to capture the magnitude of his acting skills. Liam Neeson is a very versatile actor. Neeson is no stranger to the spotlight. The celebrity has built a durable brand over his career.

Check out Liam Neeson movies on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Netflix. Watch clips on YouTube and Google “Liam Neeson.” Read his Wikipedia page when you have time. You’ll find he is an interesting man. Without question, Liam Neeson is just as fascinating onscreen as he is in real life.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 Oscars Predictions


2019 Oscars Predictions

The Oscars are upon us. The 2019 nominees are in. And there isn’t a host for the show. But I expect a fun atmosphere and some surprises. There are a lot of questions and I have the answers. Who will win? Who will lose? I answer these questions and more in this article.

If you watched the Golden Globes, you have a good idea about the potential winners and losers of the Oscars also known as the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes are a placeholder for the movie award season. Earning one is a big deal. Still, having earned one isn’t a necessary requirement for winning an Oscar.

In fact, A Star Is Born was snubbed at the Golden Globes. However, I predict the film will win an Academy Award. I feel Bradley Cooper deserves an Oscar. Plus, Lady Gaga is dominating headlines right now.

Let’s start the discussion with Best Picture. 2018 was a great year in movies. How do you go about selecting only one for the grand prize? Black Panther made the most money at the box office. Shouldn’t the number 1 film win the Best Picture?

Some say the box office numbers are just one component of the Oscars. I say numbers aren’t everything, but there is power in numbers. Sometimes movies are ahead of their time like Scarface. Bohemian Rhapsody is a worthy contender.
Vice doesn’t impress me at all. And I think The Favourite is a classic script. With the popularity of Netflix on the rise, I boldly predict Roma will win an award, but not Best Picture. Best Picture belongs to Black Panther.

Next, I believe Spike Lee should win Best Director for BlackkKlansman. It is a controversial film based on a true story. The movie is about a black man joining the KKK. This is Spike Lee’s time. Moreover, Jordan Peele’s involvement as a producer should help the cause.

Best Actor should go either to Bradley Cooper or Rami Malek in my opinion. I’m ready to say Bradley Cooper wins outright. Right now, he has the upper hand at this point in the award season.

I believe Best Actress goes to Olivia Colman. Hollywood has a habit of following trends, and Olivia Colman is trending for better or worst. Best Supporting Actor should go to Mahershala Ali. He is a fantastic actor and Green Book is an outstanding movie. It would shock me if he doesn’t win.

The word on the street is that Regina King will win Best Supporting Actress for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. After many years of being absent from “film”, she rightfully earned her onscreen nomination.

Here’s where Netflix comes into play. I feel Best Original Screenplay should go to the brilliant Alfonso Cuaron. Roma is too good to ignore. Roma may also win Best Foreign-Language Film as well.

Moreover, Bradley Cooper and Eric Roth will likely win for Best Adapted Screenplay. A Star Is Born is beautifully written. It should earn multiple awards.
Finally, RBG just might win Best Documentary and Best Cinematography goes to Never Look Away.
In 33 days, you’ll know if my Oscars Predictions were on target. Maybe, you have your own predictions that you want to share. Chime in comments.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What Are the Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies?


How do I rank the best Samuel L. Jackson movies? Do we solely look at the numbers? Or do we look at something more intangible such as: the critical acclaim and artistic value? This article analyzes the best Samuel L. Jackson movies from a holistic perspective. While I take numbers in account, I also look at the quality of his film performances.

I begin with Unbreakable. Unbreakable is arguably the second-best Samuel L. Jackson movie for its broad reach and fanfare. The movie generated $248 million at the box office. Samuel L. Jackson plays Elijah Price perfectly. Plus, this character is one of Samuel L. Jackson’s most challenging roles because of the dynamic range.

Released 19 years ago, Jackson will star in a sequel called Glass. Glass is next on my list. I feel this film has the potential to be number 1 at the box office. Jackson works well with Bruce Willis. Also, James McAvoy was phenomenal in Split.

A Time to Kill starring Matthew McConaughey ranks high on my list because the film is thought-provoking. Moreover, the plot falls apart without Samuel L. Jackson. The Hollywood star is integral to the movie’s success.

Next, let’s look at The Negotiator. In this film, Jackson plays a hostage negotiator, who is the best in the business. Ironically, Samuel L. Jackson is an actor, who is the best in show business. I highly recommend watching the Negotiator because the movie showcases Samuel’s versatility.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is fifth on my list.
Samuel L. Jackson is a major reason the movie made $414.4 million at the box office. Watch Kingsman, if you want a thrilling action-packed suspenseful film. It was Samuel L. Jackson’s idea for his character to talk with a lisp. From an artistic standpoint, Kingsman is perhaps his best movie.

The Samaritan makes my list because it is all about Samuel L. Jackson. The movie is told from his vantage point. Therefore, you can see the full range and essence of the great movie star.

Although it was produced 22 years ago in 1997, One Eight Seven is like The Samaritan. It makes my list for the same reasons. You really get all of Samuel L. Jackson. Plus, you can’t deny the importance of his presence and his dynamic acting abilities.

Hollywood is a numbers game. So, it makes sense that The Hateful Eight is next on my list. This film grossed approximately $155 million in theaters. The blockbuster showcases Samuel L. Jackson’s amazing talent. Set in 1877, Jackson’s character is central to the motion picture. There is a reason why this Hollywood star is handpicked for roles in Quentin Tarantino movies.

Rules of Engagement starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson features both actors’ best work. The movie is about ethical dilemmas; and it answers critical questions concerning war and peace. Rules of Engagement was a box office success, domestically and globally. The worldwide film is translated in English, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Changing Lanes is another great movie. It defines high quality. Ben Affleck and Jackson are a dynamic duo. Additionally, I highly recommend watching this film for its compelling script and exceptional acting. I believe the celebrity was at his peak while filming Changing Lanes.

I end with Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is perhaps the number 1 movie of all time. Critically, it is a top ten movie on the average critic’s best movie list. Thus, Pulp Fiction is the best Samuel L. Jackson movie. Without question, Jackson gives an unforgettable performance. 

You’ll notice that Marvel movies are omitted from my list because Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the focal point of those movies. Still, I must give those movies an honorable mention because they are a significant portion of his career. Let me know in the comment section, what you feel are the best Samuel L. Jackson movies. These 11 movies are the best from my holistic perspective.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Upside Movie Review


The Upside Movie Review

I decided to write a movie review on The Upside because it contains an important message.We must come to grip with our reality. The Upside is about a wealthy man and a poor man coming to grip with their reality. The two men both lack substance in their lives. On the one hand, the wealthy man seems to have it all. The poor man seems to have nothing. In the end, you’ll find out what true wealth is.

The wealthy man must come to grip with his situation. It isn’t in his power to be able to walk again. It is not his fault he can’t move his body. He must stop being hard on himself. Unfortunately, he needs help doing the little things people often take for granted such as: taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating.

The poor man must face his family. He has neglected them, and he hasn’t fulfilled his potential as a father, husband, and man. He’s made a ton of mistakes. He went to jail and paid his debt though. You can make excuses for him, but he’s failed multiple times. Just because you fail though, doesn’t make you a failure.

Obviously, the wealthy man is a success. That’s why he’s wealthy. He’s wrote books, buys art and loves opera. In his own words, he’s richer than Jay Z, and the man can buy the Brooklyn Nets. He’s both succeeded and failed simultaneously. You see, he can’t move on from his past marriage. In fact, he still wears his wedding ring.

The film is about making connections. The three main characters are played by Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, and Nicole Kidman. They are connected, just like we are connected. Everything is connected. The Upside is a love and life story. It is based on a true story. The message is that money can’t buy love or life.

Moreover, The Upside is about fate and faith. What is fate? What is faith? And how are the two concepts connected?

Overall, the acting in the film is phenomenal. The script is heartwarming. Everybody did a beautiful job. To make a movie like this come together takes brilliance.

I give the film a B+. The Upside earns 4 and a half stars out of 5. I think family and friends will enjoy every minute together (like they should) watching this movie. I would watch it twice because the message is very poignant.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Is 2019 Golden Globe Awards the Best Yet?


The wait is over. The red carpet is finally rolled out. And the show is on.

The 2019 Golden Globe Awards hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh was worth the wait. I expect a little drama, a lot of comedy, some suspense, and possibly some romance. Is it possible that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, from A Star is Born, kiss?

Stars gather in Beverly Hills, California tonight to celebrate a momentous occasion. Live at the Beverly Hilton hotel, celebrities are dressed their best and have prepared awesome speeches in advance, no matter what they say to the contrary.

The Golden Globes is a golden opportunity for Hollywood stars to shine. All eyes are on Hollywood right now. Tonight, we honor their excellence in the motion picture business.

The movie industry is notoriously difficult to get establish in for a variety of reasons. Everybody isn’t cut out to be a movie star. Actors must audition, get agents, and many times they go through a gruesome process. Still, don’t get discouraged, because there are many roles you can play. It takes a village to raise a family and an army to make a movie.

I enjoyed every minute of the Golden Globes so far. It was fun seeing all the stars share the spotlight. You’ll learn about what’s hot on TV and the movies you might have missed.

There are a ton of amazing entertainment choices. It is impossible to see every movie and TV series. Plus, a new celebrity is created every day.

Overall, the presenters made a nice contribution. Watching the Big Bang Theory cast on stage together was a sight to behold. Taraji P. Henson and Gina Rodriguez added to the diversity along with the Black Panther cast.

Crazy Rich Asians were celebrated. All actors received their glory. You got everything you wanted in a show. The 2019 Golden Globes may be the best yet.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Friends from College Is the Perfect Netflix Original Comedy Binge


Friends from College Is the Perfect Netflix Original Comedy Binge

Friends from College season 1 starring Keegan-Michael Key is the perfect Netflix Original comedy binge. Each episode averages approximately 30 minutes in length and there is a total of eight in the series, right now. Soon, there will be more episodes because season 2 is expected to air on January 11, 2019.

You can reasonably finish your binge over the weekend. If you choose to binge-watch the show, I guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute. Friends from College is fun, light, dark, laid-back, and energetic when necessary.

I watched every episode and I’m fascinated by the script and character development. Admittedly, some things are predictable. The characters grow and the script flips. I feel there isn’t a better setting or a more perfect plot. Friends from College is about a group of college friends from Harvard who reunite in New York City.

Keegan-Michael Key is a novelist named Ethan, who’s married to a lawyer who hates her job. They don’t have any kids together. And Ethan is cheating on his wife with her best friend.

Plus, Ethan secretly has feelings for Marianne. That’s pure speculation on my part. Marianne is a friend from college who allows Ethan and his wife to live in her New York apartment rent-free.

Ethan is the character you love to hate. The comedy show is predictably all about Ethan. Fred Savage plays Ethan’s gay best friend and agent named Max. Max’s partner is a surgeon, who also graduated from Harvard. He openly hates Ethan, because he thinks Max has secret feelings for Ethan.

You see Keegan-Michael Key and Fred Savage are a dynamic duo. If Keegan-Michael Key’s Ethan is Batman, then Fred Savage’s Max is Robin.  Max is Ethan’s muse. They make up stories and write books.

The TV show debut on July 14, 2017. Friends from College season 2 returns after a year-long break next week. Clear your schedules next weekend, because the perfect binge is back.

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