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2019 Oscars Predictions


2019 Oscars Predictions

The Oscars are upon us. The 2019 nominees are in. And there isn’t a host for the show. But I expect a fun atmosphere and some surprises. There are a lot of questions and I have the answers. Who will win? Who will lose? I answer these questions and more in this article.

If you watched the Golden Globes, you have a good idea about the potential winners and losers of the Oscars also known as the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes are a placeholder for the movie award season. Earning one is a big deal. Still, having earned one isn’t a necessary requirement for winning an Oscar.

In fact, A Star Is Born was snubbed at the Golden Globes. However, I predict the film will win an Academy Award. I feel Bradley Cooper deserves an Oscar. Plus, Lady Gaga is dominating headlines right now.

Let’s start the discussion with Best Picture. 2018 was a great year in movies. How do you go about selecting only one for the grand prize? Black Panther made the most money at the box office. Shouldn’t the number 1 film win the Best Picture?

Some say the box office numbers are just one component of the Oscars. I say numbers aren’t everything, but there is power in numbers. Sometimes movies are ahead of their time like Scarface. Bohemian Rhapsody is a worthy contender.
Vice doesn’t impress me at all. And I think The Favourite is a classic script. With the popularity of Netflix on the rise, I boldly predict Roma will win an award, but not Best Picture. Best Picture belongs to Black Panther.

Next, I believe Spike Lee should win Best Director for BlackkKlansman. It is a controversial film based on a true story. The movie is about a black man joining the KKK. This is Spike Lee’s time. Moreover, Jordan Peele’s involvement as a producer should help the cause.

Best Actor should go either to Bradley Cooper or Rami Malek in my opinion. I’m ready to say Bradley Cooper wins outright. Right now, he has the upper hand at this point in the award season.

I believe Best Actress goes to Olivia Colman. Hollywood has a habit of following trends, and Olivia Colman is trending for better or worst. Best Supporting Actor should go to Mahershala Ali. He is a fantastic actor and Green Book is an outstanding movie. It would shock me if he doesn’t win.

The word on the street is that Regina King will win Best Supporting Actress for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. After many years of being absent from “film”, she rightfully earned her onscreen nomination.

Here’s where Netflix comes into play. I feel Best Original Screenplay should go to the brilliant Alfonso Cuaron. Roma is too good to ignore. Roma may also win Best Foreign-Language Film as well.

Moreover, Bradley Cooper and Eric Roth will likely win for Best Adapted Screenplay. A Star Is Born is beautifully written. It should earn multiple awards.
Finally, RBG just might win Best Documentary and Best Cinematography goes to Never Look Away.
In 33 days, you’ll know if my Oscars Predictions were on target. Maybe, you have your own predictions that you want to share. Chime in comments.

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