Thursday, January 3, 2019

Friends from College Is the Perfect Netflix Original Comedy Binge


Friends from College Is the Perfect Netflix Original Comedy Binge

Friends from College season 1 starring Keegan-Michael Key is the perfect Netflix Original comedy binge. Each episode averages approximately 30 minutes in length and there is a total of eight in the series, right now. Soon, there will be more episodes because season 2 is expected to air on January 11, 2019.

You can reasonably finish your binge over the weekend. If you choose to binge-watch the show, I guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute. Friends from College is fun, light, dark, laid-back, and energetic when necessary.

I watched every episode and I’m fascinated by the script and character development. Admittedly, some things are predictable. The characters grow and the script flips. I feel there isn’t a better setting or a more perfect plot. Friends from College is about a group of college friends from Harvard who reunite in New York City.

Keegan-Michael Key is a novelist named Ethan, who’s married to a lawyer who hates her job. They don’t have any kids together. And Ethan is cheating on his wife with her best friend.

Plus, Ethan secretly has feelings for Marianne. That’s pure speculation on my part. Marianne is a friend from college who allows Ethan and his wife to live in her New York apartment rent-free.

Ethan is the character you love to hate. The comedy show is predictably all about Ethan. Fred Savage plays Ethan’s gay best friend and agent named Max. Max’s partner is a surgeon, who also graduated from Harvard. He openly hates Ethan, because he thinks Max has secret feelings for Ethan.

You see Keegan-Michael Key and Fred Savage are a dynamic duo. If Keegan-Michael Key’s Ethan is Batman, then Fred Savage’s Max is Robin.  Max is Ethan’s muse. They make up stories and write books.

The TV show debut on July 14, 2017. Friends from College season 2 returns after a year-long break next week. Clear your schedules next weekend, because the perfect binge is back.

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