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Is Liam Neeson a Top 10 Actor?


Is Liam Neeson a Top 10 Actor?

What do you feel are the best Liam Neeson movies? If you had to choose just one, would you choose Taken? Maybe, you would choose The Commuter because the film is more recent. If Keanu Reeves is unstoppable, so too is Liam Neeson. Have you seen Non-Stop?

Non-Stop is easily one of Liam Neeson’s best movies. At any rate, Liam Neeson is still making great movies. Plus, Liam Neeson is a premium actor.

I argue that Liam Neeson is one of the greatest actors of his generation. He’s done enough in his career to be honored for his greatness. Where is his place in Hollywood history? How far atop the totem pole do you rank the movie star all time?

Before we begin ranking movie stars, it is important to understand the ranking system. The ranking system contains opinions. Your opinions are valuable. Additionally, the critics love Liam Neeson. His movies consistently receive high marks and open big at the box office.

Liam Neeson was born in Ireland in 1952. I consider him the Irish Tom Hanks. If he’s starring in a movie, you want to watch it. He has an impressive filmography. As you will soon find out, he is a bankable star like Sandra Bullock.

I predict Cold Pursuit will have a strong opening at the box office. The movie appears to capture the magnitude of his acting skills. Liam Neeson is a very versatile actor. Neeson is no stranger to the spotlight. The celebrity has built a durable brand over his career.

Check out Liam Neeson movies on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Netflix. Watch clips on YouTube and Google “Liam Neeson.” Read his Wikipedia page when you have time. You’ll find he is an interesting man. Without question, Liam Neeson is just as fascinating onscreen as he is in real life.

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