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Why Jason Statham Is a Top 5 Action Movie Star


Why Jason Statham Is a Top 5 Action Movie Star

I’ll prove to you why Jason Statham is a top 5 action movie star in this article. There are only a handful of action movie stars in the first place. You see it is challenging to make a living in Hollywood as an actor, let alone a movie star. Becoming an action movie star is more difficult than mountain climbing.

Like a mint condition coin, an action actor must stay in tip-top shape. Plus, you must be a good actor to keep your job. You can’t let your skills decline. To keep your shine, you must stay polished.

To be the best, you must strive for greatness. Just Being good isn’t enough. At 51, Jason Statham’s career speaks for itself.

He is internationally recognized as a top 5 action movie star. Plus, the star who was born in Great Britain, is one of the best actors of his generation. The celebrity is popular with approximately 53 million Facebook fans and counting.

What Jason Statham Means to Fast and Furious

Jason Statham joining the Fast and Furious franchise was a brilliant move, because few people can compete with this action movie star. He is on another level. It doesn’t make sense for Tom Cruise and Matt Damon to join Fast and Furious because they have their own franchises: Mission Impossible and the Bourne Identity, respectively. Clearly, Jason Statham has shown why he is in a class all by himself through his “actions.”

Moreover, Jason Statham means the world to Fast and Furious. The franchise can’t survive without his character. He is thriving in his new role. I expect Hobbs and Shaw to be a major success because of his tremendous talent level. Plus, the action actor gels with Dwayne“The Rock” Johnson.

Hobbs and Shaw should shatter box office records in 2019. Check Box Office Mojo for results.

Aren’t you excited about Idris Elba’s part in the movie too? Also, Vanessa Kirby will appear in the film. Kudos to the casting director. I’m looking forward to seeing Hobbs and Shaw. It is a must-see movie without a doubt.

The Expendables star deserves his accolades as an action hero. He is wealthy with an estimated net worth of $70 million. Did you know Statham performs some of his stunts? If you had $70 million, would you stunt?

Do you remember when Sylvester Stallone added Arnold Schwarzenegger to the cast? Jason Statham was with him from the start. You can’t deny the star’s brilliance as an action actor, but he’s more than expendable.

I highly recommend the Crank series and the Transporter trilogy. If you watch those, I guarantee you will like his Facebook page. Check out Blitz, Wild Card, Redemption and the Bank Job.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry are huge, but the elite are a small bunch. You can name the top 5 action movie stars on one hand. Jason Statham is one of the top 5 Hollywood action actors because he is elite. He is the best at what he does. And he does it better than anybody else.

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